Other activities to enjoy at Reedsdell & surrounds



Fish wild trout in the crystal clear Joggem River and Edgehill stream. Access to other rivers in the area can be arranged.
“New England/ Wartrail is just a little off the main stream of the Barkly district’s fly-fishing, but nicely so, in the sense that it’s more undiscovered. There are good streams here, streams that are small and cosy; tight streams with clear water and strong trout. The Diepspruit is an example, and there are others, like the Willow and the Jochim, all within easy reach.  Added to this is the larger Kraai, with rainbows, browns and smallmouth yellowfish.   These streams are more dominated by their landscapes, the valleys they flow through, than other streams I know of hereabouts, landscapes that are abundant, almost so splendid you can’t find the words to describe them. You would call these rivers nymphing waters, though one of the best fish I ever had when it came to raw power I took from the Diepspruit on a dry fly, a tiny size 18 Adams. That fish burned line off the reel and in the end I never got to see it, though it left with me the impression of a hooking a swordfish more than a trout. It was the sort of fish that makes you feel you want to go back, just to test yourself, to see what else the water can offer.” Contributed by Tom Sutcliffe.

Mountain bike trails

Mountain bike tracks abound in this farming district. Bring your own bikes and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while cycling at your own pace. For the more competitive, partake in the Wartrail Mini-Triathlon organised on New Years Eve each year or test your skill at high altitudes on the extreme Wartrail Tri-Challenge (see Annual events).

Waterfalls & Rock pools

Because of the mountainous terrain and the regions’ high rainfall, Wartrail/ New England has some of the most beautiful rock pools and waterfalls.  Watching the water cascade down basaltic cliffs and swimming in the crystal water of these pools is an experience to remember. 


Because of the pristine environment and lack of pollution, stargazing is a must for everyone due to the clarity of the night skies, especially during the winter months.  Star maps are available for those with specific interest or just lie back and watch the universe slowly unfolding!  


The mountains are well known for their healing ability and the incredible beauty and peace of the surroundings are conducive to total mind and body renewal.  Spend your time reading in the shade of a tree, listening to the bird calls, or lie back in one of the ‘jacuzzi’ rock pools with the mountains soaring around you. Enjoy our spectacular sunsets while sipping your sundowners at the top of Lundeans Nek (2149m). We offer a safe & relaxing escape in a pristine mountain environment, far from the madding crowds.

Activities available in the area (by prior arrangement):
  • Snow skiing (winter) & grass-skiing (summer)        
  • Rock Art – guided excursions
  • Hiking trails – guided & self-guided                         
  • Botany – up to altitudes of 3001m
  • Tiffindell Alpine Resort - Conference facilities for up to 150 persons         
  • 8 mountain passes 4x4 adventure


Tour the North Eastern Cape's 8 most spectacular mountain passes

The Barkly East area boasts the most spectacular mountain passes – whether it is experiencing the added excitement of snow in winter or the chance to swim in the cascading waters in summer, this is a memorable holiday experience.
These passes include (see attached map):

  • Naudesnek pass - the highest mountain pass in South Africa, highest dirt road in South Africa
  • Jouberts pass - the third highest mountain pass in South Africa
  • Lundeans nek - from Wartrail Lundeans nek pass takes you over into Lesotho
  • Volunteershoek pass - from Wartrail this pass takes you up to Tiffindell Ski Resort
  • Bastervoetpad - travelling down the mountain towards Ugie
  • Barkly Pass - the only of these passes on tar road, between Barkly East and Elliott
  • Otto du Plessis
  • Carlisleshoek - from Rhodes this pass takes you up to Tiffindell Ski Resort



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