The Masibambane knitting group, situated in the beautiful Wartrail Valley just below Tiffindell Ski Resort in the Eastern Cape Drakensberg, was started in May 2008 by a group of women (& man) who wanted to produce knitted items to sell to the visitors & tourists in our area. The group are trained and mentored by local farmers’ wives. The members are currently knitting hats & scarves, and children’s jerseys.

People of knitting projectThe idea for the knitting group came about when NEW CTO (New England / Wartrail Community Tourism Organisation) began looking at alternative ways of transforming the tourism industry in their area. As a Community Tourism Organisation, NEW CTO are committed to transforming the tourism industry by incorporating the historically disadvantaged in our areas & on our farms into the industry. The area has such talented people that produce the most amazing goods, but to ensure responsible tourism, NEW CTO didn’t want to encourage them to produce goods that would not sell.  A market survey was complied in March 2007 and was sent to tourists that had visited the area before. It asked participants about activities they would like to see when visiting the Wartrail area, or items they would like to buy from the area. The results were very encouraging. The majority of the respondents wanted to be able to buy small items that were unique to the area, community-based, South African made, trendy, stylish, fashionable and of high quality. Some wanted to be able to see crafters in action.

The overall objective of the Masibambane Knitting Group is to encourage rural women from the historically disadvantaged sector to start their own businesses. By training each lady in business skills plus a craft skill and then offering continued support as well as a local outlet for their products, they will be empowered which will be encouraging them to improve their & their families socio-economic status. Using the market generated by the growing tourism industry in the area, the beneficiaries are guaranteed an outlet for their crafts. This ensures sustainability of the local economy.



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