Reedsdell Guest Farm has the facilities to cater for every possible event or function no matter how big or small.

Set in the picturesque Witteberg mountain range, the southwestern spur of the Drakensberg, 1100 ha of pristine mountain terrain and crystal clear streams are home to Reedsdell Country Guest Farm.

The Guest farm nestles below the sheer cliffs of the majestic peaks of the Drakensberg among montane grasslands where visitors can hear the gurgle of the Joggem & Edgehill streams in which shy wild trout abide. Spotting the Mountain Reedbuck and Vaal Rhebok is a challenge as their shining coats blend in with the fawn grasslands. Home to the Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture) and the Black Eagle that fly wistfully on the thermals that rise above the dominating Drakensberg peaks. The surrounding valleys and ridges offer spectacular walks through an awe-inspiring landscape with many wildflowers and a variety of birdlife. 

Here the Drakensberg changes mood with weather and season, often covered in snow in winter or cascading waterfalls down vertical cliffs inviting a refreshing swim in summer.

Why not plan your next camping trip, team-building event or even wedding at Reedsdell! Plenty of accommodation is available in the surrounding area as well as at Reedsdell, offering a variety of accommodation options to suit every need.

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