What is VoIP?

Stands for 'Voice Over Internet Protocol'.

VoIP as known as Internet Phone Service is the new way to place and receive phone calls. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technical way of saying “using the Internet for making telephone calls.” VoIP technology converts regular (or analog) phone calls into data (or digital) and zips them through your high-speed Internet connection.

Why use VoIP?

In a sentence - to save money.

The Internet is designed to send data from one computer to another. It does not care in the slightest what that data actually is - so it could just as easily represent your voice. Voip service providers normally have much lower rates than traditional companies. Long distance and international rates can be cut tremendously by using VoIP . The benefits of VoIP can reach all corners of a business. Smart companies will make the transition since it includes improved business communication, customer service and increased productivity by employees.

Benefits of a VoIP

Snowvalley Communications offers VoIP telephone service. Clients need a fast internet service which will be able to handle the data generated by the VoIP calls since all VoIP calls is transfered as digital packets over the internet. What makes Snowvalley Communications such a successfull VoIP provider is the fact that clients can use our fast wireless internet service to carry their VoIP traffic as well.

Overall out pricing structure allow for cheaper calls than with other fixed line or cell phone service providers since all calls are billed purely per second. There is NO minimum cost per call as some providers charge or NO minimum period of 30 or 60 seconds before per second billing apply.



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