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Wireless Internet


None of our products rely on any existing infrastructure (e.g. a Telkom line). Our technicians perform all installations from scratch or do the necessary conversions in the case of existing network setups..

Line of sight:

The only condition that is definitely required is line-of-sight (LOS) to one of our distribution towers. Physical obstacles like trees and small hills or other buildings will result in to NO line of sight, which imply that we would be unable to perform an installation.

The wireless in “wireless internet” refers to the distribution method from our towers to the premises of the client. This method does not automatically imply that wireless coverage (e.g. a wireless hotspot or Wi-Fi) is available at the installation point. For this to be achieved additional hardware is required.

Installation explained:

All installations are similar and do not depend on the monthly package taken. Therefore all installations costs are the same. For our technicians to complete an installation they will have to gain access to the outside of the building to mount a bracket and antenna. They also need to install a cable from the outside antenna to somewhere indoor to pick up power for the antenna. At this point there will then be one Ethernet network point that can be connected to any computer or network equipment.

At this point they can install a “wireless network access point” to re-distribute the signal to create a Wi-Fi area whereby computers and other devices (e.g. tablets and smart phones) can connect wirelessly to the internet.

Depending on how busy we are, all installations are usually completed within 48 hours of a confirmed order.



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