The Drakensberg is a birder’s paradise with 220 species of birds recorded in this montane environment. Take in the lovely sight of the soaring Lammergeier or curious Black Eagle, stop to watch the Jackal Buzzard looking for prey or admire the elegance of the mating dance of the Crowned Crane in the sunset.  Also of interest are the Rock Kestrel, Gymnogene, Ground Woodpecker, Orangebreasted Rockjumper, Alpine Swift and many more.   Spend days on end exploring this wonderful environment and the rich diversity of its bird-life.  Bird lists are available.

Wildflowers abound after the first summer rains - wild agapanthus put on a fantastic display, as do the Erica’s, gladioli, orchids and red hot pokers. These you can view within an easy walk from the farmhouse. Vegetation from 3 of the biomes is found here, namely: Grassland, Great Karoo and Fynbos.  Elsa Pooley’s “Mountain Flowers” is helpful to have when walking in this exceptional montane environment.  

For the more energetic, longer walks are teeming with hidden rewards.