We will take you to visit some of our special Rock Art & dinosaur fossils on neighbouring farms in the area. These sites have been well documented & published by the academic authorities on Rock Art at the University of the Witwatersrand. These trips are strictly guided and only available with the farm-owners’ permission. This is a brief visit but for a more detailed excursion, please contact our Rock Art Specialist guide, Dawn Green.

“The rock art of this region is rated as some of the best in the world, the Bushmen being the first people of South Africa and especially this area.  There are a wide variety of paintings, ranging from the older ‘classic’ phase, right up to a couple of hundred years ago, many in excellent condition. The paintings depict the cosmology of the Bushmen and their shamanistic society.  This area was where David Lewis-Williams based most of his early research and a good reference book is “ Images of Power” by David Lewis-Williams and Thomas Dowson, as many of the copies of tracings found in the book are from this area.  Experience this art as it was, in this truly unique and dynamic landscape, with its meandering rivers, waterfalls, rock pools and dramatic rock formations.  Guided tours are available and are recommended to attain a deeper appreciation of the complexity of this fascinating and sacred art.” Dawn Green